HCP Motor Performance Laboratory TAF Certified


Scope of Accreditation:

Criteria Title Scope of Accreditation
CNS 9813 Low-voltage three-phase induction motors for construction submersible pumps

E007 Temperature Rise Test 、Locked Motor Torque、Locked Motor Current、Full Load、 Power Factor 、Full Load Efficiency、Full Load Current、Load Slip

SourceTaiwan Accreditation Foundation


In past 40' s years, HCP continuous investing technology and equipment in research and development, to developing higher efficiency and energy saving on motor and hydraulic design.

In July 2021, HCP Motor Performance Laboratory is certificated to ISO / IEC 17025 : 2017 ; CNS 17025 : 2018 Covering testing and calibration laboratories by accredited TAF (the member of ILAC) testing lab, we are proud to be the first Temperature Rise Laboratory who passed test according to CNS 9813 standard in Taiwan.

The Test Statistic result of the HCP Motor Performance Laboratory are accurate, reliable and are recognized worldwide. HCP PUMP has won the deep trust and praise from customers all over the world.

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